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Millennium Masonry is a range of facing blocks manufactured in regular shapes from selected natural quarried aggregates. It is therefore very resistant to inclement weather, offering durability equal to that of dense clay bricks. It has the considerable advantage of containing a built-in water inhibitor, thus virtually eliminating the emission of unsightly lime bloom and efflorescence. Millennium Masonry is recommended for both internal and external walling applications.

The face size of 440mm long x 215mm high renders Millennium Masonry particularly suitable for larger buildings, as there are only 9.88 masonry blocks to the square metre when laid, compared with a figure of 60 units of brick per square metre of walling. The effect is to make larger wall areas appear clean, smooth and uncluttered. Significant savings in both mortar and laying costs are also an inherent part of using Millennium Masonry. For example, current rates suggest that laying one square metre of bricks can cost up to 60 percent more than masonry blocks, and in addition bricks will require approximately 37 percent extra mortar per square metre.

Available width range from 7Smm to 21Smm in Smooth and Shot Blast, and in Split are 100mm and 140mm. Many machine-cast blocks are available for special applications, and in addition a sophisticated cutting and bonding process can create most bespoke shapes. Our technical team will advise clients on how special design features relating to facing masonry can be accommodated in the most economical fashion without compromising quality.

Although some iron oxide colourfast pigments are introduced to create the stronger colours, experience has shown that the most popular colours requested by clients are the pastel shades (white through to creams, beiges or buffs). We are able to create these colours by blending the natural aggregates without the addition of pigment, and we believe that masonry manufactured in this way will age and mature more naturally than products containing pigments.

Millennium Masonry is produced on American Columbia block-manufacturing presses. These precision machines are acclaimed as the world's best for masonry production, with particular emphasis on consistency in the quality and dimensional accuracy of the resulting products.

Rigorous quality control standards are enforced at every stage of the manufacturing process, with even the aggregates being constantly measured and monitored to ensure that batched volumes remain unchanged, and our products maintain highly consistent colour shades and textures.

To summarise: our commitment is to ensure that our clients achieve complete success with every project.

Millennium Masonry is available in three contrasting textures and several colours, giving designers plenty of scope for expression in the embellishment of their buildings.


"With a wide range of standard colours and textures, coupled with bespoke product development, Besblock represent the ideal choice when specifying Architectural facing masonry. We find the integral waterproofing agent within the blocks particularly important in virtually eliminating efflorescence. Their experienced technical advisors offer invaluable assistance enabling our projects to be constructed efficiently and on time."

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