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Fine, precise and durable, Millennium Masonry's Smooth facing block can be used externally or internally to create large, natural, unhindered surfaces. Smooth facing masonry allows the designer to confidently combine different colours to create either traditional or modern designs at reasonable cost. The Smooth masonry block can be placed perfectly alongside other textured blocks and materials, creating clean architectural compositions.

Millennium Smooth facing masonry is available in a variety of attractive colours to blend effectively with most environments and materials. However, the colours available in this range are fewer than for the other textures. This is because in all pigmented concrete the colouring agent does not physically change the colour of the aggregate particles, but rather it coats them. Using colouring pigments in masonry blocks with such smooth, flat surfaces can therefore render them susceptible to scuffing, especially when strong colours are employed.


Cotswold Smooth
Parchment Smooth
Polar White Smooth
Polar White
Green Smooth
York Smooth

Note: All colours shown have been reproduced as accurately as printing will allow. For more accurate colour and texture information please request samples by contacting us.

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