Architectural Masonry

Public Sector

Star Performer Block

Achieving CSH3 without renewable's


  • Meets all criteria for airborne sound transmission (link to RD section)
  • Suitable for inner leaf of external walls with cavity insulation.
    (Thermal performance is almost equal to that of a 100mm Solid Medium Density type block is 45% better than a solid dense block)
  • Suitable for beam & block flooring application (link to relevant section)
  • Suitable below DPC in normal soil conditions. (link to relevant section)
  • Strengths up to 10.4 N/mm2
  • Easy to handle
  • Cost effective
  • One block makes for ease of site supervision
  • Incorporates 15% of recycled aggregate

With 15% recycled aggregate & 24 % less material than a solid block = more environmentally friendly and 24% lighter than 100mm Solid Dense block. Same weight as most solid medium density type blocks.

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