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Our sophisticated cutting and bonding process enables more specialised shapes and sizes to be created to meet clients' individual, bespoke needs. It should be noted that due to the cutting process, where a mechanically sawn surface is visible, its surface texture will differ to that of the Split or Shot Blast. Under these circumstances, sawn surfaces can be textured by means of needle gunning or shot blasting.

We recommend that any cutting of masonry blocks is done at our factory, where the cutting equipment automatically cleans the block with fresh water during the cutting process.

The cutting blade of most on-site masonry saws is lubricated and cooled by water, which is often re-circulating. This mixes with the dust created by the cutting process to form a dirty cementitious slurry which will be invisible until the block is dry, when it will show and give the appearance of efflorescence. No amount of cleaning will then remove the stain.
Our commitment is to ensure that our clients achieve complete success with every project. To this end, we consider it a vital part of our service to work closely with them at the design stage, so that we can advise how any special design features relating to the blocks can be accommodated in the most efficient and cost-effective way.

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