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Star Performer Block

Star Performer - so named because of it's truly universal application characteristics within the general purpose housing market (flats, maisonettes etc.)

When used as directed in this section, this 100mm building block will conform with the mandatory requirements of sound and thermal insulation, beam and block flooring and most other aspects required of a 100mm block.

Think of the on site benefits, particularly in construction supervision, that the use of only one block could bring to you.

Star Performer Star Performer

Star Performer


Star performer PSI and Kappa Guide

Architectural Masonry

Millennium Masonry is a range of Architectural Facing Masonry manufactured in 4 exciting textures and a wide range of colours. It is suitable for both internal external applications.

Manufactured from carefully selected natural quarried aggregates, the high density of the product which incorporates a built in water inhibitor, makes it virtually impervious to rainwater thereby minimising the emission of unsightly lime bloom and efflorescence. Any staining or dirt is therefore retained to the face surface making cleaning easy.

Whilst iron oxide pigments are used in the manufacture of the stronger colours such as reds and greens, most colours are attained by blending the natural aggregates such as fine white Derbyshire limestone and golden Cotswold stone, in varying volumes to produce rich warm hues.

Air Leakage Testing

The air-tightness of a building is known as its 'air permeability' or leakage rate. Air leakage can occur through gaps, holes or cracks in the fabric of the building envelope which are not necessarily visible to the naked eye. Air leakage will affect a buildings Co2 emission rate and forms an integral part of the calculation procedure contained within Part L of The Building Regulations.

If you would like further information contact Nigel Chadwick or need to book a test please fill in the online booking form.

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