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Architectural Masonry

Millennium Masonry is a range of Architectural Facing Masonry manufactured in 4 exciting textures and a wide range of colours. It is suitable for both internal external applications. Face size is 440mm x 215mm or 390mm x 190mm with machine-cast blocks available to accommodate most special requirements. Additionally, by means of a sophisticated cutting and bonding process, most bespoke 'specials' can also be produced to meet customer's individual needs. Our technical team will advise clients on how special design features relating to facing masonry can be provided in the most economical fashion without compromising quality.

Manufactured from carefully selected natural quarried aggregates, the high density of the product which incorporates a built in water inhibitor, makes it virtually impervious to rainwater thereby minimising the emission of unsightly lime bloom and efflorescence. Any staining or dirt is therefore retained to the face surface making cleaning easy.

Whilst iron oxide pigments are used in the manufacture of the stronger colours such as reds and greens, most colours are attained by blending the natural aggregates such as fine white Derbyshire limestone and golden Cotswold stone, in varying volumes to produce rich warm hues. The 4 available textures are:

Shot Blast: Architectural Facing Masonry

This process gives the reconstructed stone the appearance of natural erosion by weathering. It exposes the inner beauty of the aggregate and has the effect of 'softening' the colour to produce a beautiful matt texture whilst maintaining a flat surface. To some extent, the degree of erosion can be varied to accommodate customer's individual requirements.

Split Face: Architectural Facing Masonry

Machine-cast reconstructed stone blocks are individually split to create a face that emulates the timeless beauty of hand hewn stone, with each piece being unique in its irregular texture.

Smooth: Architectural Facing Masonry

The fine precise and durable Smooth block can be used to create large natural unhindered surfaces at reasonable cost. It can also be placed alongside other textured blocks to produce contrasting features.

Polished: Architectural Facing Masonry

Using the latest technology, Besblock Polished Masonry consists of a 10mm slip of Natural polished Granite, Marble or Limestone adhered to a dense or lightweight concrete masonry unit, the standard face size of which is 440mm x 215mm.

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