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Part L

With effect from 6 April 2006 the construction of new dwellings are subject to the requirements of Approved Document L1A 'Conservation of fuel and power - work in new dwellings'. Extensions to dwellings are subject to the requirements of Approved Document L1B.

When you first apply for building regulations approval, in addition to your proposed construction and dwelling services specifications, you will be required to submit the following calculations to the local authority:

  • A calculation illustrating that the PREDICTED rate of CO2 emissions known as the DER (the Dwelling Emission Rate) does not exceed the dwelling's TER (the Target Emission Rate);
  • Confirmation to show that design limits laid down by the new document are not exceeded. In particular, U-value calculations for the exposed elements (walls, floors, roof(s)) of the dwelling - calculated by approved methodology.
  • A calculation illustrating that the dwellings internal temperatures in hot summer weather are unlikely to be unacceptably high.

The aforementioned calculations are to be completed on your behalf by an Authorised SAP Assessor or by an approved "suitably qualified person".

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